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The Swiss K-31 Reviewed: Part 2

Monday afternoon I was finally able to take my K31 into the mountains surrounding Las Vegas for some target practice so that I could complete this review. First and foremost, the rifle is accurate. To sum it all up in two more brief points, it kicked as hard as a Mosin carbine and it handles with as much precision as was put into building it.

I had a paper target on a $8.00 Allen brand stand from Wal Mart. The plan was to demonstrate the rifles accuracy at a hundred yards and take a picture. Unfortunately the first shot from the cold barrel went a little lower with the wind than anticipated and literally blew the stand to pieces.

So, after switching to a reactive bowling pin target I proceeded to have fun. The action was smooth, and despite being straight pull the spent cases ejected with simplicity. For the ambidextrous or left handed shooter, the rifle is too right handed oriented to be effectively cycled any other way.

Strangely, if you catch the case after ejecting it, it’s cold. Most spent cases are warm after firing. I’m guessing copper and nickel alloys are good about heat dispersal.

Overall on a scale of 1-10 the K31 is an easy 8 or 9. More accurate than most, with drawbacks being scarcity in ammunition and a stout recoil, the rifle is worthy of being a prized hunting gun or a match ready competition rifle. Whatever the use, it belongs in your collection.