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Bump Fire Stocks, Glock 23’s, and Trucks

I’ve had much to do lately. Now a full time twenty-one dealer, and working night shift at that, my range time has been extremely limited. That is, it was extremely limited, until last Wednesday when on a last minute requested extra day off (thanks again boss!) I was able to finally sign the dotted line on a new-to-me truck.

Now with my 2012 Xterra, still under original factory warranty at under 27,000 miles, I am able to finally write up a range report as transportation is no longer limited to merely borrowing a family car to and from work. Today, my Saturday, I thoroughly enjoyed my two most recent purchases: a police trade in Generation 3 Glock 23, and a bump fire stock from  Bump Fire Systems ( that now resides on my Moore’s Machine Co. (Now Bear Creek Armory) M4.

Thanks to AIM Surplus having police trade in models for sale, I purchased my first Glock over the holidays as a gift to myself for $300. Previously I was relying on a TT-33, P64, and occasionally even a P38 for open carry purposes in Nevada. Compared to those platforms, the G23 is a Cadillac, and I am an infidel.

Gen 3 G23, new rear slide cover.
Gen 3 G23, new rear slide cover.

When I picked the gun up from Davidsons Firearms, who I strongly recommend transferring through when in Southern Las Vegas or Henderson, I went ahead and ordered the above pictured slide cover, a steel guide rod, extra factory original magazines and some Korean high capacity mags.

My Glock 23, a 50 round Korean Drum, and 30 round stick mags.
My Glock 23, a 50 round Korean Drum, and 30 round stick mags.

Shooting Federal and Prvi Partizan brass, I learned quickly that the stick mags and drum are very fun but in a matter of practicality with good shooting the traditional 13 round factory mags will most likely be more than enough to dispatch any two legged animals that may come across my periphery with the intent to do harm. That said, I love the hi caps for training and even the slight chance there’s a room full of trouble somewhere for me to walk in. Compared to 9mm Luger and Makarov, or even 7.62x25mm Tokarev that I am used too, .40 S&W has plenty of stopping power and a hell of a recoil. The police department that traded these in clearly made a mistake, unless of course they were merely upgrading to Gen 4.

My target was whatever was in front of me in my mountain shooting area west of town. Today that happened to be a big bird doll already shot up, a car door also torn up but still perfectly propped against a cactus, and other various pieces of discard and refuse people were using on their own outings. All in all, the recoil was manageable but proved to be drastically uncomfortable half way through the drum. Accuracy was rated on if I hit it, since I was shooting as far as 50 yards away but I certainly didn’t feel cheated by not using a traditional target. The sights are easy to line up, the weapon is easy to hold, and I simply love it. However, a pistol is only for surviving long enough to reach your rifle, which brings me to the best for last.

MMC AR-15 from Classic Firearms and Bump Fire Systems Stock
MMC AR-15 from Classic Firearms and Bump Fire Systems Stock

The AR itself is nothing special. Purchased as a $499 special before MMC changed its name to Bear Creek Armory, it’s a run of the mill flat top. However, after a break in period last year after purchase, it shoots as good as a rifle twice the price. At first it would FTF/E once per magazine, now it’s a rarity and is usually only while shooting cheap Russian steel cased WPA. This rifle screams “bump me.” So, I did.

Bump Fire Systems’ stock was a perfect fit, at $100 compared to $250+ for SSAR, or $4-500 for Bumpski’s product line, this baby holds its own and does exactly as designed. With the same targets before me as those used by the Glock, I learned how to control my fire from 2-3 shot bursts to entire drum and magazine dumps. This is considerably the closest I will come to select fire in awhile, unless we can get a new President and an overturn of the October 1986 ban.


The stock is made of plastic, but slides easily and comes with the ability to “select bump fire” by locking it into a position or allowing it to slide freely. The company backs the product up with a limited warranty, returns accepted, and also produces a model for the millions of AK variants floating around the states. Due to SSAR and Bumpski suing each other over product infringement, BSS is able to carve its own market niche by not getting involved in the legal overhead. While that’s the case is the time to pick them up.

You, like me, will find that it’s very addicting to control bursts by speeding up your time to pull the trigger. Like me, another shooter may wind up confusing your rifle for a fully automatic variation and call the police in to check your paperwork. After 500 rounds of shooting in rapid succession, just as an already dead tree was falling down from being sawed down in a hail of bullets, a state trooper showed up asking about reports of automatic gun fire. After showing him what it was and explaining that it works by using the recoil of shooting the weapon to “slide” your finger back on the trigger for every shot which makes it legal under the one round per pull rule, I was good to go home.

But I should have gone for more ammunition. At publishing time I am itching to go back out. Fortunately for me, tomorrow is my Sunday. Like the kids say these days on my table before a stupid double down decision or splitting tens, you only YOLO once. Or something like that anyway.

Another break.

After receiving a few emails about why I haven’t commented on Guns, ISIS, Ukraine, even that pesky hacker group of so called Lizards, I have to go ahead and say the following before a brief hiatus continues. I am balancing work, studying for the FSOT, getting back to Oxford for a football game, and too much else to effectively comment on anything. I will probably update again around the midterm elections. Thanks for checking in. 🙂

Defend the Shul! – Realizing and Combating the Pain of Synagogue Attacks

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Israel at war, Europe in political turmoil–it’s no surprise that Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe and at home in the USA. But will “they” really go so far as to attack our communities? In France, they have. But we fought back.

So, what’s a Jew to do? I say we follow the Betar and JDL model of a community wide defensive mindset featuring our youngest learning examples of Jewish self defense and deterrence and utilizing that knowledge to go on to learning Krav Maga and yes, marksmanship.

Whether you are a conservative voting, arms bearing pro Israel Jew like me, or a bleeding heart liberal to be found among the ranks of J Street, we can all agree on one simple point: Our lives are not worth risking waiting for the response time of police forces who may harbor anti Semites in their departments ranks.

It is therefore time to draw our line in the sand, even in America where while less frequent, anti Semitic attacks occur. Recall the gunman who opened fire on the Pacific Northwestern synagogue last year, for example. When I was twelve I went to Shabbat service with my grandmother, only to leave after services to a car driving by and hurling garbage at us while calling us kikes.

Many who read this will think the JDL and Betar are terror groups and should not be copied, but to them I counter with the sad fact that events in Europe and even some in America have demonstrated that they are a necessity in the diaspora. Had the JDL and Betar not gathered intelligence within the Arab crowd that some would go to the synagogue I believe a twenty first century pogrom would have occurred.

So what next?

There are steps that can be taken now to begin defending our Shuls, in the hopes that we will never need to. Religious centers did not need defended in America like the one in France since Christians fought off raiding natives with Winchesters in the 1890s. With any luck things will stay that way, but after Sabbath services are over, discuss amongst your community and with the Rabbi if there is any plan to counter an attack on the building or against the attendees during services in place. Gauge the support level of taking such initiatives where lacking. If the community accepts the need, form your defense team.

Methods of Self Defense (Armed or Otherwise)

In areas where the right to bear arms is infringed by unconstitutional laws, convert vacant Hebrew classrooms into Krav Maga classes. The United States Krav Maga Association can provide trainers if none in the community can instruct it. Where the Shul itself has no classrooms or wants no part in training its defenders, Studios can be found in every major city with certified instructors, many former IDF or US Military, many Jewish. Betar in Paris used an attic. There is nothing illegal about assembling to practice martial arts, be creative.

Krav is the selected discipline because it is uniquely “ours,” developed by the Irgun and Haganah for what would become the IDF, it is now widely used by militaries and militias around the world and teaches self reliance and the defensive weaponization of every limb and object. Even where community members can be armed or called to arms, this fighting discipline is a must have.

Where there is a right to bear arms, all adult (religious definition) men and women of physical fitness should learn marksmanship within the law. Minors should be focused on rifle maintenance and shooting, the rest on both rifles and where applicable pistols. Members of the community can easily assist in this endeavor in America, and training our fellow Jews to defend themselves from persecution is a mitzvot.

The easiest rifles to obtain are Mausers, Mosin Nagants, Garands, Enfields, and SKS’. Where legal, AK47s and AR-15 type semi automatic arms are second to none. Examples of these can all be found for less than $600, in some cases less than $200, anywhere in America. They all share one thing in common: aside from being great for hunting, they’re battle proven and reliable. When the lives of Bubbie Edelstein and her six kids and grand kids are on the line, this is a good thing.

In applying self defensive force, the Jewish law of an eye for an eye is a good metaphor. Meet armed assaults with armed defense, meet fists with Krav Maga. If the police are present leave the guns locked up, if they are not and the Shul has been hostilely entered, use common sense self defense measures as if defending your home. When under attack, members who do not double as security task force should go with the Rabbi into the safest area until the defenders or police can escort them all to safety.

When the smoke clears and your community is safe, barring an aggressive DA seeing the defenders as anything but, life will continue to go on. If charges are filed against those defending their Shul, it is better to be judged by 12 than carried off by 6.

If nothing else, I hope this article spreads awareness of the need for our people to have the what if discussion within the confines of the community. I hope the words of Kahane, “for every Jew a .22” are heard, I pray we never need to use self defense to protect our place of worship, but I pray stronger that if we do, we live true to our forefathers’ promises of “Never Again.”

(Permission to reproduce this article for Jewish Community and other free usage is irrevocable. Media inquiries or other interviews can be addressed to me.)