March 16th is National 2A Protest Day

BATFE has overreached yet again, using the flawed “sporting purpose” test, to attempt a ban on common ammunition. In this case, the cheap plinking M855 .223/5.56 round is on the chopping block and the public only has until March 16th to stop them.

There is a growing movement on Twitter calling for nationwide protests on March 16th. We, the more than one hundred million gun owners of America, must take to the streets on this day and let not only ATF know how we feel, but show the entire country that we will no longer stand for the gun grabbing agenda of this Administration or its bureaucracy.  In the meantime, the NRA-ILA article on this matter has instructions on how to comment. Kindly let them know how you feel about their unconstitutional direct infringement on our second amendment and the subsequent increase in cost  of ammunition.

The most important message we can send on that day, aside from the fact that ATF should be a convenience store and not a powerful law enforcement agency above the very laws it regulates, is that we will no longer stand idly by while politicians exploit tragedies and find loopholes to heighten their unpopular anti gun agenda.

Spread the word to your friends in every major city. Make arrangements to take the day off. Draw up signs that say things like “Don’t ban ammunition, Ban The ATF”. Where legal, open carry if you’d like. But be mindful of whether your actions do anything to help our message in the eyes of a virtually state run liberal media.

Take our message directly to the nations capital and picket the White House, ATF building, and Congress in the Capitol  itself. We are 100 million strong. The Constitution is on our side. It is time we act like it.

The tree of liberty was once a beautiful, flourishing tree of life. Today it stands with barren branches extending over fallen leaves. On those very branches are carvings like “NFA 1934,” “GCA 1968,” “Oct. 1986,” “AWB 1994,” “NDAA,” “Obama Administration,” and the beginning of the carving “ammunition.” We need not water our tree in blood, nor are we calling on anyone to act violently on March 16th. Simply showing up in numbers indicative of just how many of us there are should show people like the President, Michael Bloomberg, and everyone else who seeks to take our rights away that it’s not just the NRA they are fighting on this issue, but the very people who allow them to hold power.

On March 16th let every city in America, and especially Washington, catch the eyes of the world while we, the shining beacon of freedom, use our First Amendment rights in the name of maintaining the Second Amendment. Without our Second Amendment protecting us in the unlikely event we may ever need water liberty’s tree with patriotic blood, the First Amendment is nothing but a lost fragment to a crumpled and shredded constitution.

Defeating ISIS By Christmas

Frankly,  to put it bluntly, the Obama Administration is a defeatist, pussified regime that has no grasp on how or when to conduct a war. Never has there been a greater threat to homeland security than a President who fails to acknowledge, through Eric Holder’s “not at war” statement today, not only that we are in a state of war, but with whom and what we are fighting. The President’s requested Congressional Authorization to deal with ISIS is too little, and too late.

Flag of the Islamic State
ISIS Flag, the flag of Islamic Extremism.

The way to defeat ISIS requires doing what the State Department spokeswoman said on Hardball last night that we can’t do, and that’s kill them. Daily air and drone strikes by no means are enough to defeat this self proclaimed Caliphate or it’s ideology. The Islamic Extremists, take note Washington, that is what they are called, want us to put boots on the ground. That’s exactly what we need to do, except we need to do it in a way they are neither expecting nor can use to gain recruits.

The Egyptian President is calling for an international coalition to defeat the Libyan chapter of ISIS. That is exactly what we need, except on all three fronts. Currently, the war is being conducted from Libya, Syria-Iraq, and Yemen. There is a way to win on all three by Christmas.

Libyan Front 

The CIA trained the group that inevitably not only attacked Benghazi, but became Libyan ISIS in the months before the end of the Qadafi regime from Libya’s western mountains. Therefore, we most likely already have decent intelligence as to who they are. By coordinating air and drone strikes with the Egyptian Air Force, we can easily soften the group before an invasion. If Egypt is willing to commit 50,000 troops, Libyan ISIS can be defeated by a coordinated invasion from the border while two Marine Expeditionary Units land on and around the shores of Benghazi. Libyan ISIS mainly operates in the east, therefore that is where the brunt of the ground troops should be. City by city, Marines from the Northwest can form a pincer around ISIS with Egyptian forces from the east. A third expeditionary unit can be on standby to land in Tripoli should intelligence indicate a need. Upon defeating Libyan ISIS, rebuilding will be left to Egypt and the Arab League. Marines would immediately come home.

Iraq-Syrian Front

Again, America cannot be the only army on Arab soil to prevent ISIS from gaining recruits under the propaganda of a crusader invasion. Currently, Iraqi ISIS is at war with the Kurdish Peshmerga and what is left of the Iraqi Army. 80,000 troops from the US, coordinating with the Kurds from the North and Iraqis from the east, can begin retaking Iraqi cities such as Fallujah and of equal importance, Al Baghdadi, which is just miles from a Marine unit charged with training the Iraqi Army. Meanwhile, the Arab Army from Jordan can push into Syria along with the help of Syrian Kurds, and American units from the originally proposed number of 80,000.

The Assad Regime and Iranian backed Hezbollah are too busy with Aleppo and holding Damascus to become engaged with defeating ISIS, however, in the interest of staying out of their civil war, after liberating ISIS held territory in Syria and flattening their self proclaimed capital of Raqqa to 6th century rubble, coalition forces can leave the region in the hands of whoever is in position to take it. Like Libya, rebuilding would be the job of the Arab League and not the responsibility of the US Military, who would withdraw as soon as the defeat is finalized.


While not technically ISIS, AQAP is affiliated with the group as evidenced by the ties of the Charlie Hebdo-Kosher Market attacks. Currently, Yemen is falling to Iranian backed Shi’ite rebels. AQAP, however, remains dug in from Aden to the northern areas of the country. Three Marine Expeditionary Units coordinating with a Saudi push from the north could easily sweep in by landing in Aden and pushing north. Camp by camp and town by town, Muslim forces along with American soldiers can drive AQAP/ISIS out of Yemen in a matter of months, again leaving rebuilding to the Arab forces from the Arab League.

Sixty percent of the American people do not like how the President is conducting the war. Another fifty percent don’t want ground troops to enter the war. People need to realize they can’t have their cake and eat it too. ISIS can easily be defeated, we simply have to recognize we are at war, who we are fighting, and that it will require careful coordination on the ground on each front to win it.

President Obama needs to simply get off of his own high horse and get our forces into the fight. He needs to do this with all deliberate speed before ISIS grows in power and territory, and most importantly, before more Christians and Jews are beheaded in  the name of a god that condones no such behavior. Islamic Extremism must be shown as a failed ideology by being defeated by the combined efforts of America and regional Muslim militaries. If Obama had the balls to strike today, our troops could easily be back on time for Christmas.