03 C&R FFL: How To

As a gun collector who learned about collecting thanks to forums dedicated to C&R eligible firearms like SKSBoards and the Mosin Nagant Forum, I feel it necessary to spread the word on how any American who can pass a background check and keep a boundbook on transactions can also apply for and receive a FFL 03 C&R. Then you can start ordering Mosins, SKS’ and K31’s to your front door right on time for hunting season.

First, get the application form from the ATF‘s Curios and Relics website.

Fill out the form and get a check or money order ready for $30, payable as instructed on the application to ATF and mail the copy with the check to the ATF address in WV. Then, send the second copy to your county sheriff or whomever is considered your Chief Law Enforcement Officer.

Wait up to a month after mailing the forms.

Receive your 03 C&R and immediately start faxing, emailing, and mailing copies to Brownells, MidwayUSA, AIM Surplus, J&G Sales, Classic Firearms, Southern Ohio Gun, Samco Global, Simpson LTD, and the other companies that distribute C&R eligible firearms or offer discounts on other related products.

Log all of your C&R gun purchases in a boundbook and keep it ready for ATF inspection. After your license expires you may destroy the book.

Wives and immediate family beware: Military Surplus guns tend to multiply! Have fun.

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